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AIR Waves is our highlight of AIR and the AIR Team in the News

Dr. Kinley joins the WorkShift Podcast with host Stuart MacLean

Last week, AIR’s CEO and Founder spoke with WorkShift host, Stuart MacLean, and Cpl. Deepak Prasad to discuss how to fortify workplaces through best psychological safety practices!

Dr. Kinley joins the YMCA Youth Leadership Program for a Q&A on Resilience

Earlier this week, Dr. Kinley joined the Calgary YMCA's youth leadership program for an open Q&A on resilience! Building resilience helps set youth up for life! Thanks for including us in this great and meaningful initiative.

AIR’s COO, Tim Trussell, Shares a Guest Lecture on Digital Transformation

On March 8th, Tim had the pleasure of presenting to an engaged audience of Master of Digital Innovation students. The session leveraged 3 case studies from Tim's experience to highlight that Digital Transformation requires the intersection of Business Process...

Dr. Kinley on Global news, shares insights to help people cope with pandemic fatigue

On February 16th, Dr. Kinley was featured on Global News in a segment offering tips on how people can build positive coping methods to manage ongoing pandemic fatigue. We will be sharing some of her great quotes below shortly. Click to find the full episode.  

Dr. Kinley on CTV’s The Social

January 26th, Dr. Kinley joined CTV’s The Social to discuss practices to strengthen mental resilience.

Dr. Kinley Joins Global News to Talk Skill Building

On January 2nd, Dr. Kinley joined the Global News Team to explore how the pandemic has cast a spotlight on the benefits people can bring to their lives if they focus on developing skills that improve their overall “mental fitness.”

Dr. Kinley joins Dr. Goldman on The Dose Podcast

On Wednesday December 22nd, Dr. Kinley joined Dr. Goldman on The Dose Podcast. The topic was how to take back control in this never-ending pandemic.

Dr. Kinley tackles Pandemic Brain on CFRA 580

On Dec 22, 2021, Dr. Kinley joined CFRA 580 News Talk Radio to provide some coping skills and introduce resilience on the topic of pandemic brain.

Dr. Kinley Interviews with CBC Newsroom

On Tuesday December 21st, Dr. Kinley joined host Suhana Meharchand on CBC Newsroom to discuss taking care of ourselves so we can help others, and finding perspective as pandemic fatigue grows. 

Dr. Kinley on Cross Country Checkup Addressing Pandemic Fatigue

On Sunday December 19th, Dr. Kinley joined Ian Hanomansing on CBC’s Cross Country Check-up: Ask Me Anything.


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