The Resilience Question-AIR (FRQ) is a new way of measuring mental fitness.

Personal growth begins with an honest and thorough understanding of where, and who, you are now. This means taking a hard look at your strengths and short-comings to uncover your true potential and determine your key opportunities for growth!

We help you develop the awareness you need to commit your energy and attention to building the skills you need to achieve what matters most.

Mental fitness training begins and ends with measurement!
Discover your level of mental fitness now.





Self Assessment

Viewing our team’s strengths and challenges through a lens of capacities that can be built upon, as opposed to focusing on flaws, has made me hopeful for our future!

Foundations of Resilience Participant

Interpretive Report (IR) + Check-in:

The AIR Check-in is designed for professionals. It provides you an in-depth, one-on-one meeting with AIR faculty to review your current strengths and growth opportunities in the four key areas that contribute to Resilience: Perspective, Personal Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Competence.

During the AIR Check-in, a certified AIR Faculty will guide you through your report. Your overall scores and your 16 key Resilience competencies will be reviewed to help you to see how your current level of mental fitness is impacting your life, relationships and performance.

Faculty allow you to reflect on the results, ask questions, and with that self-awareness and understanding, you will be positioned to build your very own personalized development plan.

Check-ins can be done in-person or over the phone – we serve Canada, Europe & the US!

At the AIR Check-in you will:

  • Receive a detailed Resilience Report based on your FRQ responses, outlining your strengths and development opportunities in the 16 key Resilience competencies which are critical for peak performance and well-being
  • Learn why resilience skills matter and understand how they impact your life
  • Understand how you can unlock hidden potential through developing new skills
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions about your results
  • Become inspired by a whole new way of thinking about mental fitness
  • Experience a change in perspective that will create lasting positive change in your life


    Team Report (TR):

    The Team Report (TR) is designed to identify team strengths and growth opportunities. The report provides an overview of training and development needs. It helps HR and management leads direct the team’s energy and attention towards the resources required to fortify themselves and to build upon and reinforce a positive culture. Each domain targets mental muscles teams need to build to strengthen their overall mental fitness. This increases the team’s collective brain power and the skills they need to be successful.

    AIR Head Office

    The Atlantic Institute for Resilience

    5943 Spring Garden Rd.

    Halifax, NS, B3H 1Y4

    Phone: 902.404.3768