Be Fit at Work

Training designed to meet your team’s Mental Fitness needs.

See Fit

Attitudes Matter – Fostering optimism, recognizing opportunities for influence, developing a healthy relationship with control and maintaining well-being at work all depend on your attitude and perspective. Collectively stepping back and seeing the big picture, and your place within it, ensures you are centred, aligned and empowered.  Let us help you put first things first!  

Think Fit

Thriving together through stress – staying focused and on task is essentially to remaining productive and achieving results.  We teach you to be overcome fear, manage stress and increase your attention and performance.

Feel Fit

Workplaces excite emotions! Managing negativity, promoting positive emotions, fostering creativity and encouraging innovation is essential. We teach you how to capture and harness the energy of emotion at work.  

Act Fit

Relationships are complicated. They are also required to get things done. Getting along together in a positive and productive way makes work more satisfying and fun. Learn essential skills for high performing teams including: empathy, assertiveness and collaboration.

Why Resilience Training?

Bringing our resilience workshops to your organization is a great way to share new ideas an build team camaraderie.  Our workshops include a blend of didactive, small group and experiential learning strategies. We offer a series of workshops to achieve your training goals and meet your health and safety needs.

The workshop promoted open conversations. It was nice to see that you’re not alone in feeling the way you feel!

Foundations of Resilience Participant

Resilience at Work Toolkit

We help you lead your team and organization in a refreshing new direction.. and we provide the tools! Support your organization’s mental fitness using The Resilience Toolkit™ – a collection of tools for designed to help you create a shift in organizational culture and awareness.

What’s included in the Resilience Toolkit?

  1. A one year license for the leader to 3 of Air’s online training programs 
  2. One-on-one coaching for the leader with an Air representative,
  3. The Resilience Toolkit Leader Guide,
  4. A copy of Mental Fitness: The Game Changer book by Dr. Jackie Kinley for the leader,
  5. Activity sheets
  6. An employee personal development plan template.

Sometimes you need help having those “crunchy conversations”!

Based on our Air-Exchange technology, the Toolkit provides tools and resources needed to help teams lean into deep conversations. This fun and interactive format creates the safety and opportunity needed for deeper understanding, learning, practice and support. We provide organizational leads with expertise and practical tools  to ensure they continue to improve collaboration and collective performance. Let AIR’s expert Faculty  facilitate your team’s growth and development.

Air Exchanges can be customized to meet your team’s Mental Fitness needs.

Looking to bring a resilience workshop to your organization?

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