Resilient communities are vibrant, dynamic and thrive. How does your community measure up?

Rate yourself (1 not at all – 3 somewhat – 5 absolutely!)

In your city or town, do you…
Know your neighbours?
Acknowledge strangers with a smile or hello when on the street or on the bus?
Celebrate diversity?
Feel connected and at home?
Know about and participate in local politics?
Feel safe, even if you accidently leave your door unlocked?
Feel like your voice matters?
Think citizens treat each other with respect?
Trust that together you can overcome hardship adversity?
Volunteer and get involved in things such as community events and fundraisers)?

If you scored 40 or over – Lucky you! Enjoy the sense of safety and belonging that comes with community health and well being. Stay involved, be grateful, and never take it for granted!

If you scored 30 – 40 – You have the basic elements in place! but … they require some care and attention. Get involved and your community will flourish!

If you scored less than 30 – Your community needs to be revived and rejuvenated! air® can help you and others get re-engaged and working together, to create a better environment for all!