The ResilienceInsideOut™ curriculum is the basis of all of AIR’s programs. Interpersonal neurobiology is the science of relationships, assisting individuals to examine, explore and ultimately expand their emotional and social capacity with the goal of increasing resilience and enhancing well-being. The ResilienceInsideOut™ curriculum has been conceptualized and designed as a result of extensive study.

Air programs have a “fear factor”. They are designed to take you to your edge, stretch your limits, and put you to the test. Participants of AIR programs develop the courage and strength to move beyond their comfort zone, embrace the unknown, master anxiety, overcome their fears, and the ability to thrive under conditions of rapid change and uncertainty. Build emotional awareness, align your personal energy with your intention, develop true integrity, and strengthen your resolve. In addition, develop a new sense of vitality and an overall sense of power and purpose. The level of confidence and well-being AIR program participants achieve translates into more self-assured, competent, confident leaders in the workplace, who exhibit solid performance, steady under pressure, dependability, deliver consistent results, and promote a culture of competence and overall well-being.

Return on Investment
Greater job satisfaction
Improved job performance
Decreased conflict
Better engagement
Enhanced job satisfaction
Increased productivity

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