Building mental resilience

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Join the Mental Fitness Revolution!

Mental Fitness changes the way we think about mental health. Your brain is like a muscle. Doing things like making decisions, setting boundaries, and even standing up for yourself in an argument all require you to take action. But when you haven't done it for a while,...

Resilience at Work- A fundamentally new approach to HR

AIR leads Marissa Walter and Dr. Jacqueline Kinley sat down with Atlantic Business to share a new way to tap into human capital and build psychological capital. AIR Institutes are profiled in Atlantic Business Executive summary

Leading with the Brain in Mind

“Leading with the Brain in Mind”: AIR faculty presented at Medavie Blue Cross’s Benefits3 Conference, 2016 Air® faculty participate in many conferences to increase awareness and mental fitness. At the Medavie Blue Cross’ Benefits3 Conference, AIR faculty...

Dr. Jackie Kinley Talks Neuroplasticity with CTV

Dr. Jackie Kinley sat down with CTV to discuss her ongoing research, regarding the ability to create neuroplastic change as a way to build resilience. This change can be cultivated individually or through a group-based process; the latter has even been...

Promoting Resilience in the Judiciary

Order in the court: Helping the Judiciary understand and manage litigants and their own reactions is essential to maintaining a safe, healthy, and respectful judicial process. Dr. Kinley highlighted the importance of increasing the awareness of and...

Building resilience within first responders

AIR offered resilience training and education to first responders and their peer support team. Stress disorders are common on the front line and building mental fitness can help to mitigate the risk of illness and distress.

Resilience is essential to occupational health

AIR faculty brought a deeper understanding of resilience to the occupational health nurses in Nova Scotia as the nurses continue to develop new skills to help improve the health and well being of those they serve.

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