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Our on-line campus is designed to provide you with the information and support you need, at the time you need it.

Simply click to enter our on-line Pathway to Resilience. Our courses use our proven Measure, Learn, Build, Track methodology to help your organization develop a culture of psychological health and safety at work.

Our on-line campus offers a range of courses including:  The Foundations of Resilience course, the Be Fit at Work course, as well as the essential  Resilience: The Key to Psychological Health and Safety at Work™ course.  

Organizational leads that have completed the The Foundations of Resilience Course and the  Be Fit at Work ™ course can continue to build a culture of resilience within their organization with the Leaders Resilience Toolkit™


How it works

Step 1: Select and pay for your course. 

Step 2: Log on.

Once you’ve paid for your course you will receive an email link. In that email, you will create a username and password. This allows you to log on or off your campus at any time.

Step 3: Take your course – take your time!

Your course includes one or more modules, each with corresponding lessons. You can work through the course at your own pace. Each lesson has a self-test that you must pass before moving to the next lesson. At the end of each module, you will also have a short quiz that is needed for completion.

Step 4: Receive your Certificate!

Once you have successfully completed a course, you can request a Certificate. This can be used for continuing education, professional development, or simply to keep track of your success.

The Resilience Toolkit

Sometimes you need help having those “crunchy conversations”!

Based on our Air-Exchange technology, the Toolkit provides tools and resources needed to help teams lean into deep conversations. This fun and interactive format creates the safety and opportunity needed for deeper understanding, learning, practice and support. We provide organizational leads with expertise and practical tools  to ensure they continue to improve collaboration and collective performance. Let AIR’s expert Faculty  facilitate your team’s growth and development.

Air Exchanges can be customized to meet your team’s Mental Fitness needs.

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