How resilient is your organization?

Rate yourself (1 not at all – 3 somewhat – 5 absolutely!)
Do your co-workers handle conflict honestly?
Is there is little to no gossip in the workplace?
Are people engaged and enthusiastic?
As individuals, do you share the same vision?
Do you anticipate problems?
Does creativity and innovation define you?
Do you adapt quickly to change?
Does your company encourage independent thinking?
Does the workplace feel safe and supportive?
Is your company growing at a healthy pace?

If you scored 40 or over – Congratulations! – You are highly resilient and as light as air!

If you scored 30 – 40 – Good job! – Despite challenges – you are still inspired to be involved. Let us enhance your involvement!

If you scored less than 30 – It’s ok! – You are still breathing, but could definitely use Air®. We’re here to help!