How resilient are you?

Resilient individuals develop mental flexibility, agility and keep their cool under pressure. They welcome difference, don’t shy away from conflict and thrive and grow in the face of adversity.

Ask yourself the following questions and rate yourself (honestly!!) (1 not at all – 3 somewhat – 5 absolutely!)
I handle stress easily
I am not afraid to tell friends how I really feel
I see the glass half full
I am a good listener
I am empathic
I can put other people’s feelings first
I am playful and find time for fun and laughter
I don’t dwell on things or worry excessively
I don’t procrastinate
I welcome conflict

If you scored 40 or over – Congratulations! – You are highly resilient and as light as air!

If you scored 30 – 40 – Good job! – Despite challenges – you are still inspired to be involved. Let us enhance your involvement!

If you scored less than 30 – It’s ok! – You are still breathing, but could definitely use Air®. We can help!