Resilience Toolkit


With this Toolkit, you have a powerful learning system in your hands. The Resilience Toolkit provides an easy, guided approach to mentoring others and promoting a culture of resilience at work.



This online course will introduce you to the Be Fit framework, essential resilience conversation starters and resources, and offer practical instructions and expert suggestions for how to use them most effectively.

Everything you need is included! 

  • Your Resilience Toolkit provides you with everything you need to create a resilient culture at work.
  • It includes:
    • An online champion course with essential insights, videos, tips and AIR exchange strategies
    • Downloadable tools
      • Your Champion guide
      • Videos with exchange demonstrations by expert AIR faculty
      • Individual worksheets for One-on-One mentoring
      • AIR exchange cards for working with groups and teams
      • Resilience Wheel
      • Resilience Spectrum cards
      • Walk-a-way Cards
    • CPD credits upon course completion
    • 3 hours of live supervision by Air faculty
    • Access to our online library of webinars and podcasts
    • Your own copy of Dr Kinley’s book Mental Fitness: The Game Changer