resilience coaching

Resilient individuals know where they want to go and the resources they need to get there!

AIR coaching provides you the confidential, personal guidance, encouragement and support you need to stay on course

At AIR we use coaching techniques that harness emotion and teach individuals to learn and grow. The result is a program that motivates you, prepares you to deal with stress, reduces anxiety, and inspires you to achieve your potential and success.

What is Resilience Coaching?

Resilience Coaching is an insight oriented and skills-building process that helps people to grow. The FRQ tells you where you are now, your personal development plan outlines the direction you need to go, and Resilience Coaching provides you the resources and support you need to get there! 

The focus of Resilience Coaching is to help you build resilience in areas of your life where mental fitness is most needed.

Resilience coaching differs from other forms of coaching. It is not limited to behaviour change. Rather, its goal is an inside out workout to equip you with tools and information you need to deepen  your self awareness, strengthen you ability to meet life’s challenges and build your capacity to relate to & interact with others with confidence.

The AIR Coaching Philosophy

At AIR, your Resilience coach works with you, to help you achieve your goals. Goals vary from one individual to another: For example, for some, goals may include changing a behaviour pattern and/or learning a new behaviour to improve performance. For others, the goals may focus on how they are interacting in relationships and/or manage their emotions. Your work-in is designed just for you! 

Individuals will have different reasons for working with their Resilience Coach.

Professional learning groups (PLG’s) allow you to benefit from collective strength and wisdom.

When you commit to resilience coaching, you are making a commitment to your self. In effect, you are committing to working together to achieve the inner strength and resilience you need to be the best you can be in your life.

Your AIR Resilience Coach knows that you have great potential. 
Your coach will recognize that you:

  • Are intrinsically motivated
  • Have your own personal values
  • Are capable
  • Search for meaning and require purpose
  • Have inherent wisdom
  • Have unique skills and interests
  • Have a deep moral compass
  • Are fueled by your passion

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Note: all coaching requires an FRQ/check- in with Coaching Faculty and a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

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