How resilient is your team?

In sports, either team-based or individual, participants need to be self aware, able to harness emotion, flexible, respectful and able to maintain a positive outlook.

Rate your team (1 not at all – 3 somewhat – 5 absolutely!)

Does your team….
Translate losing into opportunity?
Not feel badly (smaller, diminished) if you lose?
Handle anxiety so it doesn’t interfere with your performance?
Never ‘loose its cool’?
Reward success and suspend players for bad behaviour?
Have good, positive relationships between your coaches and teammates?
Stay focused and not distracted by negative self talk or doubts?
Respect your opponents?
Remain optimistic despite setbacks and adversity?

If you scored 40 or over – Congratulations! – You are operating in the zone!

If you scored 30 – 40 – Good news! – You have the skills, you just need to strengthen them! Let us help you go from good to great!

If you scored less than 30 – Don’t worry – You need to get in better shape, and air® can put you on the fast track to success!