We are very excited to welcome Brandie to our team at AIR as an Account Executive! Brandie is a recent Honours graduate of Saint Mary’s University where she studied clinical and applied organizational psychology. Brandie combined her interest in both fields while writing her thesis, during which she developed a functional flow framework for organizations to help their employees optimize their potential and improve organizational outcomes.

Brandie approaches facilitating positive change using a holistic approach. She encourages individuals to thrive in their work through personal development, effective leadership, and evidence-based functional systems and procedure practices. Brandie employs a holistic approach to maintain her personal health and wellness, too! In her free time, Brandie enjoys spending time in nature, weightlifting, practicing meditation, and reading poetry and great Thought leaders.



 Brandie’s drive for helping people achieve their full potential coupled with her background in customer service makes her an excellent fit for the role of Account Executive. We are pleased to have Brandie join our team and serve as the primary contact for our clients’ seeking to improve their organization’s resilience! 

Welcome aboard, Brandie!