Mental Fitness changes the way we think about mental health.

Your brain is like a muscle. Doing things like making decisions, setting boundaries, and even standing up for yourself in an argument all require you to take action. But when you haven’t done it for a while, or if ever, it can seem like a lot of work. Well, that’s because it is!

Each time you exercise your brain by doing difficult mental tasks, things will start to get a bit easier. And it’s not just because they are easy… It’s because you are getting stronger!

You should exercise your mind every day. It’s important to stretch yourself, just like you would at the gym. Stretching yourself and pushing yourself to the next level builds muscle. Your brain works the same way.

Anxiety is like being mentally out of shape. It results from not having confidence in yourself or your ability to handle things well. When you’re anxious you don’t know if you are strong enough to handle criticism, pass an exam, talk in front of people, or tell someone what you really feel. You can even be anxious about your ability to handle your emotions – I’m not sure I can survive a break up? What if I don’t make the team? What if I don’t get invited? It can seem like these things are the end of the world… truth is, they are not. They just hurt. And they can be scary because they make you doubt yourself – causing your to feel shame and embarrassment if you don’t have your own back. This is when mental fitness matters most.

The stronger your brain the better prepared you are to deal with life, and the better you feel. When you feel good, you look good, your confidence increases, and other people feel it to!

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