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Resilience training empowers people with the capacity to bounce back from setbacks and thrive in the face of challenges.

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Empower Your People

Personalized Assessments & Insights

A personal resilience profile offers insight, self-awareness, and empowers individuals with direction and practical action, identifying essential psychological skills that can be developed and strengthened.

Digital Tools & Resources

The iRT is a digital platform that is intuitive and easy to navigate. It serves as a tool to provide users with exercises and guidance to build psychological strength and skills anywhere, anytime.

Access to 1:1 Coach Support

Coaches provide a personal touch. Individuals need support and encouragement. Coaches help ensure accountability, so people stay motivated and on track to achieve their goals.

Personalized Assessments & Insights

People handle life’s challenges differently. AIR’s Functional Resilience Assessment surfaces habits and tendencies that have been developed to deal with stress. It highlights key strengths and growth opportunities, providing actionable insights that inform skill development.

internet-based Resilience Training
internet-based Resilience Training

Digital Tools & Resources

internet-based Resilience Training is a non-clinical resilience training program, personalized by a functional assessment, and led by micro-coaches. It includes sixteen interactive skill-building modules and tools. The skill building journey can be self-guided so individuals can enjoy the flexibility of being able to do it on their own, or benefit from the encouragement and support of one-on-one coaching.

One-on-One Coaching

Micro-coaching focuses on short, targeted interactions with clients, offering quick and actionable guidance to help clients overcome challenges or achieve goals. Coaches provide the encouragement and support individuals need.

Promote an Extraordinary Culture

Community Circles

Open discussion forums and community talks provide opportunities for people to share information, experiences, and support each other around important topics.

Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges give people a chance to rally together and participate in a fun activity that promotes health and wellbeing.


Opportunities for live sessions with experts to take a deeper dive on relevant topics of interest. Small groups maximize engagement and accelerate learnings.

internet-based Resilience Training

Power Hours

Power hours are intensive, interactive sessions, that provide quick and actionable guidance. Virtual or in-person, power hours are delivered by experts in the field, making building mental skills fast and effective.

Create Exceptional Teams

Today's workforce is demanding more.

Employees deserve safe respectful, diverse, and inclusive work environments. That doesn’t just happen. Committed leaders offer access to the best resources and support to ensure that they recruit, retain, and develop the best talent. 

Why Choose Us

Creating a healthy safe workplace takes care and attention. Despite advances in awareness and campaigns to reduce stigma, mental health is still not openly talked about. AIR programs help raise awareness, encourage discussion, and provide much needed education, skills, and resources. Being psychologically healthy and safe doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy for you!

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We’re always looking for partners to help make a difference. If you’re an insurance provider, broker, or educator, we want to hear from you.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Rebecca Graham at Valley Refrigeration shares her experience with AIR

Introducing The Resilience Program into our work environment has had a positive effect on the team as a whole…

The Program offered “empowering breakthroughs” ~ Senior Manager at Insurance Company

“We had a couple tears but all very supportive and empowering breakthroughs on what they want to work on. My heart is so full. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”

Resilience as a Capacity offers Hope for Future ~ Program Participant

“Viewing our team’s strengths and challenges through a lens of capacities that can be built upon, as opposed to focusing on flaws, has made me hopeful for our future!”

Killam Partners with AIR to Build Mental Fitness

Killam sees improvement across 75% of health indicators as a result of Mental Fitness Challenge.

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