It’s time to stop talking about mental health

Now’s the time for action.

We are industry leaders in resilience training.

At some point in life, we all face challenges. Stressful times can limit our happiness and interfere with our relationships. However, not everyone struggles through stress – some are able to thrive and grow. Our comprehensive, paradigm-busting approach is clinically proven to strengthen mental fitness, creating individuals that tackle stressful times head-on.





Everything begins with measurement. Our FRQ™ is a sense-making tool that delivers key resilience insights to ensure your efforts are focused.
Our online courses and Air Campus™ provide convenient and accessible learning opportunities for busy people.
We do more than talk. Our resilience programs stretch and strengthen individuals, pushing them to build their capabilities in key areas.
Results matter. Key metrics and insights keep tabs on development to ensure a return on your investment.
  • Foster teamwork and communication
  • Have confidence in the health of your workforce
  • Improve productivity and engagement
  • Retain personnel
  • Develop culture of psychological strength and safety
  • Increase profits over the long term
  • Improve awareness of resilience strengths and growth opportunities
  • Protect your health against the harmful effects of stress
  • Optimize your cognitive effectiveness and to improve your performance at work and in life
  • Develop interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to thrive in challenging social settings

“The notion of mental fitness is inherently optimistic and hopeful. It shifts us from an illness approach to a growth mindset. Our deep understanding of neurobiology and emotion, working at subcortical structures in the brain to promote lasting change, is what differentiates the Air® approach to resilience training.

Mental fitness is the game changer.”

“Viewing our team’s strengths and challenges through a lens of capacities that can be built upon, as opposed to focusing on flaws, has made me hopeful for our future!”
Foundations of Resilience Participant

“Dr. Kinley is amazing! Excellent speaker and I love her confidence.”
Foundations of Resilience Participant

“We had a couple tears but all very supportive and empowering breakthroughs on what they want to work on. My heart is so full. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”
Senior Manager at Insurance Company

Where to next?

Find the resilience training solution that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Air Institutes different from other personal and corporate training programs?
We use evidence based programs, based on scientific principles that uses the latest research on resilience and neuroplasticity. In addition to this, Air® programs are delivered by experts in health and behavioural medicine.
Is this therapy?
This is not therapy. The exercises and experiential program create opportunities for reflection and deep learning. As emotions and beliefs arrive in the moment we are able to work on them directly. Air Institutes focuses on building on strengths, leveraging growth opportunities and improving your mental fitness!
Where and how does change occur?
Neuroplastic change results in new connections being made in your neural networks. This means that old connections are deconstructed and new ones develop that better serve you in your quest to live a life that is more fully aligned with your principles, values and unique purpose. In short, what changes is your brain!
How does this program fit with other health promotion activities and natural approaches like diet and exercise
Air® Institutes take a holistic, systemic approach to health and well-being. We recognize that any body, be it an individual or an organization, is a complex system and an organ of adaptation that needs to be in homeostatic balance. As a result, our programs complement other wellness programs and healthy activities that are intended to enhance your health and well-being. Air® is everywhere.
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