This week, we are shouting out our one-of-a-kind Product Development Lead, Kyle Milley! Kyle has been contributing to AIR’s success since August 2020. Kyle holds an undergraduate degree from Mount Allison University with a major in psychology and minor in political science. His thesis on optimizing attentional focus to improve motor performance earned him a Certificate of Academic Excellence from the Canadian Psychological Association. His research was later published in Frontiers in Psychology

Prior to working at AIR, Kyle spent 8 months in South Korea as an ESL teacher. At Air, Kyle facilitates the timely completion of development tasks and is actively involved in building out Air’s new digital arm. Kyle is passionate about leveraging his psychological research background and entrepreneurial drive to develop engaging and innovative ways of building mental resilience. He values being on the cutting edge of this emerging market as we aim to reduce the unnecessary suffering of individuals, organizations, and communities through the empowering paradigm of mental fitness.

 Kyle, your impact at Air is far reaching and having you on the team is a matter of privilege for us. Thank you!