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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically attends the ARC Training Programs?

AIR Institutes Resilience Coach (ARC) Training is designed for professionals looking to support others in understanding and developing mental resilience.  Once acquired, ARC Training skills may be applied in private practice as a resilience coach, but more often the skills acquired through our training provides existing professionals an additional skill set and modality of supporting others to deal adaptively and healthily to life’s challenges and stress. These skills may be applied in a wide variety of settings as part of workplace counselling, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), workplace health & wellness initiatives to name a very few. Applicants with a background in health and wellness, clinical healthcare and allied healthcare professionals often find ARC Training to be invaluable in terms of deepening client/patient partnerships that seeks a more “whole” perspective to promoting health.  


ARC Training participants represent a very diverse educational and professional backgrounds.  

Who is eligible to take the ARC Training Program?

Participants come from a wide variety of backgrounds and must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (in any field). Exceptions for those without a bachelor’s degree may be made for people with three or more years of experience in a health or allied health field. The best way to find out if you meet the requirements is to fill out the free online application. Within the application, we’d encourage you to consider your resume and the questions we pose to applicants asking you to describe your interest and goals for undertaking such training.  

How does ARC Training compare to other programs? / Why should I choose AIR’s ARC training?

Simply put, we are industry leaders in mental fitness and resilience training. Led by Dr. Jackie Kinley (MD), a psychiatrist committed to mental health from a hopeful, positive and proactive stance, we are the “game changers” when it comes to how we look at, and care for our mental fitness! 


The ARC Training program is based on over 8 years of experience and research both within resilience / mental fitness and coaching modalities. Participants can expect that among the greatest assets of our training are our robust resilience coaching competencies, our unique resilience coaching framework based on the neurobiology or mental fitness, and our emphasis on experiential practice during training to support their use in professional practice.  At AIR Institutes we also strive to provide an enriching experience between you and your peers in our training programs – you may even make a new life-long connection! 

Other important considerations:
  • AIR Reputation: As a leader in resilience and mental fitness, our vast array of clients and partners over the years speak for themselves – and their experiences with us has been central to our tremendous growth over the last several years.  
  • Learn from Leaders: We ARE industry leaders in resilience and mental fitness. Come learn with the best! 
  • Supervisory Feedback and 1:1 support: As a participant, you will receive feedback to support you in your learning and in how you apply  your new skills. 
  • Collaborative Agreement for a Learning Community:  Effective learning happens amongst trust, understanding, inclusion, participation and psychological safety. With their ARC instructor’s support, each cohort begins with establishing its own “Collaborative Agreement” with the key elements they feel are necessary to achieve those ends. In this way your learning community is established and will be there to support you, and each other, every step of the way. 
  • Standards: AIR is seeking CEU accreditation for our ARC Training program for the near future. We do currently offer an array of accredited training courses that are fully eligible at this time for CEU credits. 
How long does it take to receive my application decision?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for application review. You can expect to receive an email notifying you of your application status and next steps regarding registration.  Registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis and require payment in full. We will offer a waitlist for courses that fill to maximum capacity before the registration deadline.  

Acceptance into the program without registration and payment does not reserve your place in the course.  

What is the course refund policy?

Program registration fees will not be reimbursed if cancellation occurs within less than 5 business days of the cohort start date.  Cancellation prior than 5 business days of the start date will be refunded in full, with the exception of $200.00 administrative costs.  

What does the registration fee cover?

The Online Course registration fee covers access to the online course content, instructor-led webinars, as well as all course learning materials and a “ARC Training Manual” which is yours to keep after program completion – a valuable resource!  

What are the minimum hardware/software requirements to complete this course?

For the online format, you will minimally need a desktop or laptop computer with reliable wired internet access. Preferably a computer headset with a microphone to join the live webinars should be used to protect the privacy of all participants. Please note, mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, etc.) are not compatible with the live webinar platform.  

Are continuing education credits available?

Associated ARC Training Courses are available as CEUs. The ARC Training program itself is not available at this time for CEUs. You will be given a Certificate of Completion for any associated CEU eligible courses you complete   

What kind of official documentation will I receive at the completion of the training?

After completing the course, you will receive the ARC Training Certificate of Completion.  

What course content will be covered?

The course includes instructor-led training with skills practice and online learning components (E-Learnings and Video Demonstrations) to enhance the course curriculum. The course provides extensive training in the core competencies required of resilience coaching. The curriculum will cover the following topics:  

  • The role of resilience Coaching in the transformation of how we see and care for our mental well-being.  
  • Research on the efficacy of mental fitness, resilience and our unique Functional Resilience Assessments 
  • The “Be Fit” Framework,  Personalized Resilience Planning as they relate to ARC resilience Coach Training.  
  • The neurobiology of resilience and building mental fitness! 
  • How to effectively utilize resilience coaching skills such as other-focused listening, reflections, inquiry and access to a 16-piece ARC “Coaching Tools” to assist clients in articulating their desired mental fitness goals and support for achieving them! 
  • How to effectively use the ARC Training Coach Process Model to assist both the coach and the client in following a proven step-by-step process for exploring where someone is currently with respect to resilience, where they would like to be, what strengths and growth areas exist and how to achieve the client’s resilience goals.  
Do you have an attendance policy?

The Online Course live webinars are designed to be sequential and full attendance is required. For this reason, you should register for a course in which you can attend all live webinar sessions. In order to receive a certificate of completion, you are required to fully attend each live webinar session. You must also complete all of the online components of the training (Orientation, E-Learnings, Demonstration Videos, you must attend all 4 of the scheduled Supervisory Sessions, Course Assessment, Course Evaluation. 

AIR’s ARC training reserves the right not to award a certificate of completion and continuing education credits if you do not complete all components of the training.  

Is there homework?

For the Online Course, pre-work and homework are assigned to enhance and support the live webinar sessions. These assignments may include reading in your course manual, reflective writing exercises, self-paced E-Learnings, and viewing Video Demonstrations. You can expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours per week on these assignments. This estimate is in addition to attending the weekly 3.5-hour live webinar sessions.  

Is there an examination?

Yes. There is a written and oral exam. In order to complete the course, receive a certificate of completion and you must pass the written exam with 80% of the answers correct and pass the oral exam.   


You may take the written exam as many times as needed during the examination period in order to pass.  


The oral exam consists of a 45-minute resilience coaching session where participants who have completed the written exam will coach one of AIR Faculty on a resilience coaching matter. An observer will be present. 

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