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How is Air® Institutes different from other personal and corporate training programs?
We use evidence based programs, based on scientific principles that uses the latest research on resilience and neuroplasticity. In addition to this, Air® programs are delivered by experts in health and behavioural medicine.
What do you do?
We offer interactive learning opportunities in an accelerated learning environment. Programs are designed in accordance with evidence based learning approaches and action based principles. The programs use a blend of didactic sessions, personal reflections, small group discussions, and experiential opportunities delivered in the form of short term, high intensity engagements. Together these combine to create an atmosphere that engages the ‘whole brain’ to optimize an individuals experience.
Why Groups?
Groups stir emotion. Emotion, when effectively harnessed, fuels learning. We capture the energy of individuals and the group, and re-invest it in members directly and deliberately. Emotionally charged Air® space, results in an environment that accelerates change and consolidates new learning quickly. This occurs at a speed that one on one, and even small groups, are not able to achieve. Efficient and effective, our groups are facilitated by experts, securing the Air® advantage.
What about my Privacy?
At Air® Institutes we understand boundaries and we respect them. All of our participants come on board with the understanding that this is a place of deep personal change. Sharing requires trust and the assurance of privacy. Our participants understand this collective responsibility. Our professionals promote both respect and understanding.
How do you know people change?
The techniques we use are clinically proven to psychologically strengthen individuals. Your brain is like a muscle. Our resilience testing and emotional fitness assessments will ensure your psychological exercise prescription is tailored to your unique psychological needs, so you exercise the right regions of your brain. We prescribe the right workout for you!
Is this therapy?
This is not therapy. The exercises and experiential program create opportunities for reflection. As emotions and beliefs arrive in the moment we are able to work on them directly. Air® Institutes work on what is relevant in the here and now. Your time is valuable so we focus on what matters in your life now.
Is it safe?
Safety is our first concern. Growth requires us to be stretched; to move outside our comfort zones. We respect Air® Institutes are taking you into new territory. We take every precaution to maintain an environment that is open, and allows learning to proceed, safely.
There is a lot of focus in the curriculum on emotion and emotional intelligence, what about thoughts?
Thoughts and emotions are two sides of the same coin. Learning in an emotionally charged environment, cognitive change is accelerated. Air® speed!
I’ve done lots of training programs; does the change really last?
Emotions consolidate new learning. Without emotion nothing sticks, they are the glue that ensures lasting changes. Air® Institutes faculty are the experts in emotion.
What changes?
Neuroplastic change results in new connections being made in your neural networks. This means that old connections are deconstructed and new ones develop that better serve you in your quest to live a life that is more fully aligned with your principles, values and unique purpose. In short, what changes is your brain.

We also know that repetition is a key component of learning. Having your own plan to carry forward your learning consolidates results. If you are so jazzed by your results that you want to do additional work, we offer Air® Booster sessions and individual coaching.

How does this program fit with other health promotion activities and natural approaches like diet and exercise?
Air® Institutes take a holistic, systemic approach to health and well-being. We recognize that any body, be it an individual or an organization, is a complex system and an organ of adaptation that needs to be in homeostatic balance. As a result, our programs complement other wellness programs and healthy activities that are intended to enhance your health and well-being. Air® is everywhere.
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