How Killam Improved Employee Mental Fitness


  1. To support the overall health and wellbeing of Killam’s Head Office.
  2. To provide Head Office staff with
    tools to improve their mental fitness at work and at home.

Our Solution

6-week Mental
Fitness Challenge

  • Expert-led kick-off & wrap-up event
  • Pre- and post- Resilience Scorecard
  • Team digests, tips and nudges
  • Unlimited access to AIR space
  • Weekly prize draw for top users

Value and Benefit

Improvement across 75% of health indicators

50% plan on using AIR Space post-challenge

4903 total minutes spent in AIR Space (140/person)

90% reported they got value from the challenge

7/10 would recommend AIR Space to a friend

“I really enjoyed the program and feel better for it. I honestly think it’s helping already.”

“It was a gift for me – made me focus on myself which is something I rarely take time to do.”

“The information was very informative and truly resonated with me.”

“Loved the ability to go at my own pace and dive-in when I had time to do it.”