The Resilience Program

Evidence indicates that resilience is related to numerous outcomes that can impact an organization’s bottom line, including burnout and mental illness.

Increased resilience correlates with increased engagement and elevated performance.

Increase in Psychological Safety

Decrease in

Improved Engagement

The Resilience Program

Know How You’re Doing


Engage Your Team


Empower Individuals

The Resilience Scorecard

The Resilience Scorecard provides an immediate overview of the psychological fitness of the organization, and how individuals progress throughout the program. The resilience indicators assess metrics on: 

  • Burnout 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Stress 
  • Psychological safety 
  • Engagement 
  • Team functioning 
  • Leadership 

These determine how well employees are equipped to positively respond in the face of adversity. As a manager, you can identify the key issues your employees are facing and how they improve over time, which ultimately impact their health and performance.

Dr. Jackie Kinley
Dr. Jackie Kinley

Shared Resilience Journey

Resiliency is everybody’s business.

To connect participants in a shared experience throughout the 12-week Resilience Program, subscriptions include:

  • Themed live kickoff session
  • Weekly digests to promote conversation and engagement in the program
  • Team highlight emails

Each initiative is delicately designed to foster a supportive community while respecting personal sensitivity of individual data and growth.

Personal Resilience Portal

The Personal Resilience Portal, also known as AIR Space, brings resilience to your fingertips. You will be empowered to learn and build resilience, using convenient, evidence-based exercises in as little as 5-minutes per day. 

Your team will explore the four main muscle groups: Think, Feel, Act and See Fit, while also being able to relax or gain insights in our Brain Gym.



Dr. Jackie Kinley

“It was emotional at times, but the Resilience Program was all very supportive and empowering breakthroughs in the areas we wanted to work on. My heart is so full and grateful for this opportunity. Many industries are craving for this type of personal development opportunities for their teams!”

Senior Manager at Atlantic Insurance Company 

Some are fortunate enough to work with executive leadership coaches, but most don’t get the opportunity. Growing my employees personal and professional development is a huge passion of mine and this seemed like a perfect fit, right from the beginning.” 

Corporate Sales Director

“As opposed to just focusing on our flaws, being able to objectively view our teams strengths and challenges, has made me extremely excited for our future. This program combines the ability to engage the team more, while also individually developing their resilience.” 

Resilience Program Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I see the benefit in using this program for my organization?

At the end of each Resilience Program, individuals will again, complete the Corporate Resilience Scorecard and see their improvements within the 8 resilience indicators. This has proven overtime to help boost employee engagement and connections, while retaining top talent.  

Why should I invest in a package for my organization?

From The ROI in workplace mental health programs: Good for people, good for business, Deloitte Insights, the cost of poor mental health in the workplace is astronomical: 

  • Economic cost in Canada is estimated at 50 billion, yearly. 
  • Indirect cost of lost productivity is 6 billion, annually. 

To maximize your team’s potential – innovative and proactive programs are required to promote health and performance and mitigate the risk of illness and injury. 

Invest in AIR, if you want to: 

  • Promote a growth mindset at work 
  • Reduce absenteeism or presenteeism 
  • Foster teamwork and communication 
  • Have confidence in the health of your workforce 
  • Improve productivity and engagement 
  • Retaining personnel 
How is AIR different from other personal and corporate training programs?

We use evidencebased programs, taken from scientific principles that use the latest research on resilience and neuroplasticity. In addition to this, AIR® programs are delivered by experts, including Dr. Jackie Kinley herself, in health and behavioural medicine. We combine the ability to connect with others, while empowering the individual in the use of mental fitness.  

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