Sometimes, our thoughts race all over the place, like little monkeys jumping from tree to tree in our mind. This can make it difficult to focus and get things done. This week is all about learning how to center your mind. Learn more by clicking that play button! 🎯 

Meditation Spotlight

Want to improve your focus now? Check out the Center Your Mind Meditation in your AIR Space. You’ll flex your focus muscle, making it easier to get stuff done. Check it out here. 🧘

Did You Know?

Mindfulness has been shown to improve cognitive ability and slow brain aging. A study showed that long term meditation practitioners showed less tissue loss in areas that affect nervous system processing and mood regulation. Learn more here. 🧠

Resilience at Work

Stress can stir up thoughts in your mind, making it harder to focus and get things done. This can be challenging in the workplace, where distractions and demands are prevalent. Luckily, practicing mindfulness can benefit your productivity and help you to meet those deadlines. Learn more about mindfulness at work here. 😌

Resilience in the Community

Brandi Chastain showed incredible focus under adversity in the 1990 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final. The United States and China were scoreless going into penalty kicks. With over 90,000 people in attendance, Chastain scored and won the United States their second ever world cup. ⚽️

Self Love ❤️

It’s easier to declutter your mind when you declutter your physical spaces. Cleaning your desk or room can be an excellent way to regain focus and clarity. This week, pick an an area that could use a tidy, and do yourself the service of making it a little cleaner and more organized. It can go a long way! 📦

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.” 

– Pema Chodrin

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