Sometimes it’s hard to remember to slow down. Demands from your personal and work life can be consuming. Rarely do we think to take time for ourselves and reflect.

Burnout is emotional and mental exhaustion.

But… how do I avoid burnouts?

Take some time to reflect on how you are feeling. Notice your energy level and what your mind and body need. Focus on yourself! Take some time to answer these questions:

  • What 3 things are consuming most of your energy (thoughts, feelings, actions)?
  • What is your return on this investment?
  • Are you dwelling on things or people you cannot change?
  • Has your focus on others resulted in you neglecting yourself?
  • Might you want to shift this focus to realign yourself with your own needs?

Ceaselessly striving to change things and people outside of your control leads to burnout. You need to manage your energy wisely. Aligning your energy and putting your efforts into things within your control ultimately allows you to achieve your ultimate potential!

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