Welcome to Week 6 – Work-In or Workout! Reflection is where true growth takes place. The focus this week is on reviewing the skills you’ve applied and learning from your experiences.

Work-In or Workout

Working out is crucial, but so is reflection. This video discusses the difference between working out and working in.

Mental Muscle Spotlight: Boundaries

Check out the mental muscle of the week: Boundaries! Setting boundaries is hard; it can be tricky to know when to be flexible and when to put a foot down. Healthy boundaries keep you connected and safe. Your coach can help you develop this mental muscle.

Quick Tip!

Reflect on what you have done.

Reflecting on skills helps you find what works best for you. Growth takes place when we think back on what worked, what didn’t work and what we can do better next time. Remember: Celebrate efforts, not outcomes!

Setting healthy boundaries keeps you safe and improves your relationships.

For the Inquiring Mind

Not the best at setting boundaries? That’s okay – setting boundaries is learned and develops with practice. You can create healthy relationships with your coworkers, friends, and family. Check out this week’s article to learn more: How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Build Positive Relationships.


Self-Love! ❤️

Swap your screen time for a wind down ritual! Try putting your phone away for 2 hours before lights out. Instead, read a book, take a bath, listen to music, do some light stretching before bed, whatever you like!

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection
that one finds a way.”

– Claude Monet


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