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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete a skill?

We have included a time estimate for completion of each Skill on the Muscle overview page:

Once you are within the Skill, you can use the outline in the to left hand corner to get a sense of how the exercise breaks down into activities.

What are the points used for? What are the Levels?

You receive points for effort spent in the different elements within AIR Space. We weighted how many points you get for a particular element based on the typical time we would expect completing that element would take. An activity that would take 1 minute for example is worth 1 point.
Points allow you to level up! You’ll notice that you will require more points in the higher levels! Points are a reflection of your amazing efforts within AIR Space. Your team or organization may also use points for rewards as part of mental fitness challenges, but remember: we will never share identified personal data.



I’m confused about the status of my Skill!

You need to complete each Skill to progress. Check to see that you have completed previous fundamentals or Skill. It looks like you need to complete the previous fundamental.

If your Skill appears without an icon, it is ready to start!

When a Skill is in progress, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned in your life. Forgot what you are supposed to be doing? No problem! Click or tap the In Progress Skill to see what’s on the go. 

When a Skill is ready to reflect, it’s time to reflect on how things went. Click or tap the Skill to finish things up!

Once you have reflected on an Skill, you can see your work by clicking “review.” You can also do it again to keep building your resilience by clicking “practice”.

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