Personal Resilience Plan


Over four sessions with an expert AIR faculty, you will uncover a new you. Working with our faculty, you will discover your resilience capacity, set goals for growth, and work towards achieving your aspirations. Register today to unlock your full potential!  


Our personal resilience training package is curated into four comprehensive sessions for your convenience. Designed with you in mind, your training will be tailored to your needs and can be completed on your schedule.  

Session 1: First things first, in order to get you going on the path to growth, we need to know where you currently are. In this session, our expert air faculty will provide a deep insight into your unique resilience capacity and help you uncover your wants, needs, values, and goals.  

 Session 2: After finding out where you currently are, we now create a plan for action. With the close guidance of our faculty, positive change is starting to happen!   

Session 3: Now you are well on your way to advancing your goals, building your resilience, and becoming who you always wanted to be! This session is focused on assessing the growth that has occurred, any obstacles faced, and provide support to help you stay on track.  

 Session 4: This final session solidifies the growth that you have made thus far and reaffirms your motivation for change. Although this is the final session, with your new capacity for resilience, you will continue to embrace personal growth, and will easily thrive through any changes you may face.

These sessions are held in a virtual 1:1 environment with one of AIR's expert faculty.