Being successful requires having your own back. Practicing self-compassion on a regular basis helps you persevere through difficult times. Be there to stand up for yourself when you need it!

You need to love yourself unconditionally. That means despite mistakes and challenges, you can approach yourself with kindness, caring and perspective. Error is human.

To develop self-compassion, you need to create a loving relationship with yourself. Start by doing the following steps:

  • Take a few minutes to sit comfortably and eliminate all distractions.
  • Take out some sticky notes (or small pieces of paper you can tape up).
  • Think of 5 qualities that you love about yourself.
  • Write those five awesome qualities on sticky notes!
  • Frame them as “I AM…” statements (kind, generous, trustworthy, etc.).
  • Post them near your computer or somewhere that is within clear view.
  • Take time to look at them intermittently throughout the day to remind yourself how great you are!

Sometimes a gentle reminder of those qualities that embody who we really are under all the layers, pressures and demands helps to reassure, soothe and calm ourselves through a difficult day.

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