Stress is felt pressure. Your body knows when you’re stressed, but do you? This week’s video is all about your stress barometer — an awesome way to notice your stress signals. Check it out! ▶️ 

Check Your Stress

Notice your stress signals – are you in the green, yellow, or red? Go to your AIR Space and check-in to record how you feel. Remember, tuning in is a skill!🚦

Did You Know?

Managing stress is linked to reductions in blood pressure, heart rate, and tension. It has also been shown to improve mental health and performance. 💆

Resilience at Work

The workplace can be stressful. It can be demanding to deal with the deadlines, workloads, and office politics. Becoming aware of workplace stress is the first step to handling it. Check out this week’s resilience at work article here. 🤝

Resilience in the Community

The pandemic was especially challenging for children and teens. These days, helping children to manage their stress is more important than ever. Are you able to recognize signs of stress in youth, and encourage behaviours that will help them cope? Check out this week’s article here. 💭

Spread the Love❤️

Promote psychological safety at your workplace by setting up a workplace stress barometer. That way, you and your colleagues can develop awareness around your collective stress levels and take steps to improve them. Pro tip: Make it visible! Put the stress barometer in a common area or pin it to a public Teams channel.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

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