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“The notion of mental fitness is inherently optimistic and hopeful. It shifts us from an illness approach to a growth mindset. Our deep understanding of neurobiology and emotion, working at subcortical structures in the brain to promote lasting change, is what differentiates the AIR approach to resilience training.

Mental fitness is the game changer.”

Dr. Jackie Kinley, MD, Founder and CEO of AIR

The first internet-based resilience training (iRT) program that helps people develop the skills they need to be their best selves.

Our Data-Driven Advantage


Everything begins with measurement. Our FRQ™ is a sense-making tool that delivers key resilience insights to focus your efforts.


Engaging content to provide you with inspiring information and practical resources anywhere, anytime.


Our resilience programs stretch and strengthen individuals and teams, encouraging you to build mental fitness in key areas.


Results matter. Key metrics and insights keep tabs on development across individuals and teams to ensure a return on your investment.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Rebecca Graham at Valley Refrigeration shares her experience with AIR

Introducing The Resilience Program into our work environment has had a positive effect on the team as a whole…

The Program offered “empowering breakthroughs” ~ Senior Manager at Insurance Company

“We had a couple tears but all very supportive and empowering breakthroughs on what they want to work on. My heart is so full. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”

Resilience as a Capacity offers Hope for Future ~ Program Participant

“Viewing our team’s strengths and challenges through a lens of capacities that can be built upon, as opposed to focusing on flaws, has made me hopeful for our future!”

Killam Partners with AIR to Build Mental Fitness

Killam sees improvement across 75% of health indicators as a result of Mental Fitness Challenge.

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