Emotions can be messy, but making sense of them can be rewarding and informative. This week is all about identifying your cardinal emotion. Emotion shows up in all kinds of ways, but there are only four cardinal emotions. Learn more about what they are by watching the video! ▶️ 

Dive In

Identify your cardinal emotion! Check out the first skill in emotional literacy to make sense of your feelings. 🧭

Did You Know?

Highly emotionally intelligent people tend to have more affectionate and satisfying relationships. 🫶

Resilience at Work

The better you get at identifying your emotions, the better you will be at noticing the “vibe” at work. Are your coworkers happy, scared, sad, or angry? Tuning into your surroundings gives you valuable information. But it all starts with you! 🎯

Resilience in the Community

If identifying emotion is hard for adults, just imagine what it’s like for kids! Kids sometimes need help to identify and express their feelings. You can help them develop the skills they need. Check out these tips for helping kids make sense of their feelings here.  

Self-Love ❤️

Is your emotional compass on the fritz? Time to recalibrate! Do something nice for yourself this week. Do a meditation, take your dog for a walk in nature, move your body! A little self-care can help you process emotions and jumpstart you feeling better. 😌

“But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.”​ – Anne Frank

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