Personal Resilience Assessment


Through this Personal Resilience Assessment, after completing our scientifically validated Functional Resilience Question-AIR, a one-on-one meeting with an AIR faculty member will help you understand your present level in the four key areas that contribute to Resilience: Perspective, Personal Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Competence.

The Personal Resilience Assessment helps individuals make sense of their current habits and tendencies under stress. It includes a 16-page report and 50-minute debrief with expert Air Faculty.

The informative report is grounded in Air’s scientifically validated question-airs, the Adapted Advantages Indicator (A2I) and the Function Resilience Question-AIR (FRQ). It surfaces drivers, growth opportunities, and internal resources that can be developed to be resilient through challenging times.  The individualized debrief provides participants with key insights on how to increase their resilience.

Together, the Resilience Assessment promotes self-awareness, understanding and direction, resulting in a stronger and more positive relationship with self.