Welcome to Week 10- Breaking the Medical Mold! The medical mold has its place, but it can also be disempowering at times. This week’s focus is on how mental fitness can shift the prevailing paradigm for the better.

Breaking the Medical Mold

Dr. Kinley has worked in the medical system for years. As a psychiatrist and mental fitness expert, she has a unique perspective.

Podcast Spotlight:

Dr. Jackie Kinley on CFRA 580 breaks down how the mental fitness challenges the current paradigm and democratizes mental health. She speaks on the benefit of proactive mental fitness training as an empowering approach.

Quick Tip!

Level up!

You get points for doing stuff in AIR Space, including completing activities, watching videos, or doing a daily check-ins. Every point you earn is equivalent to about a minute’s effort. Points help you to level up. Can you make it to level 5?

Resilience is associated with better mood.

For the Inquiring Mind

What part can you play in reducing mental health stigma in the workplace? This week’s social impact article discusses the importance of destigmatizing the workplace and practical ways to do so. Check out the 4 Ways to Destigmatize Mental Health at Work

Self-Love ❤️

Give your body a little TLC. A lot of us hold tension in our jaw, neck, and upper back. This week, try giving yourself a jaw massage, or rolling out those trigger points using a tennis ball. 

“Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being.”
– World Health Organization


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