Welcome to Week 7 – Mind Over Matter! Your mindset matters. To realize your potential, you may need to challenge self-perceptions and biases. The focus this week is on your perspective. 

Mind Over Matter

How you see yourself and the world is up to you. In the video, you will see how a slight change in our viewpoint can make all the difference.

Mental Muscle Spotlight: Confidence

Check out the mental muscle of the week: Confidence! Believing in your skills and abilities is essential. What would you be able to do with more confidence? Your coach can help you develop this mental muscle.

Quick Tip!

What muscle group have you not dived into yet?

Your AIR Space has so much to explore! If you are struggling with what you are currently working on, try checking something else out for a while. You can always go back and pick up where you left off.

Building self-confidence reduces anxiety, strengthens motivation, and provides you an authentic sense of self.

For the Inquiring Mind

What impact does an organizational culture have on the confidence of individuals and teams? A culture of psychological safety is crucial for collective growth. Read this week’s social impact article for more: Building a Culture of Learning at Work

Spread the love! ❤️

Set aside time for a “kindness round” to acknowledge the efforts and work of others. This can be done in the boardroom, around the dinner table, or on a Zoom call! These celebratory minutes boost morale and strengthen social connections.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
– William James


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