Welcome to Week 8 – Growth Mindset ! The focus this week is understanding that challenges are a part of the journey. What you learn from each success and failure is the most important part. 

Growth Mindset

Success and growth are not linear. How can we stay level headed throughout our mental fitness journey?

Mindful Moment:
Go With the Flow

Check out the meditation of the week: Go With the Flow! Part of a growth mindset is being able to roll with bumps that inevitably arise. This meditation will transport you to place of calm and acceptance.

Quick Tip!

Practice makes progress!

After you reflect on a skill, it becomes available to use again and again in your Brain Gym. Remember, the first time you try and apply a skill, things may not as well as you hoped. That’s okay – Progress takes practice.

Adopting a growth mindset has been shown to improve mental health.

For the Inquiring Mind

A growth mindset matters at the team and organizational level. It drives proactive action and collective productivity. Have a look at this week’s social impact article to learn more: To Create Healthy Urgency, Focus on Big Opportunity

Spread the love! ❤️

Don’t you just love the warm and fuzzy feeling of receiving a compliment? Compliments remind us of our strengths and that we are enough just as we are. This week, give a genuine compliment to someone you know.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

– Albert Einstein 


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